Carrot fritters

I was on a holiday in Broome with my mother and sister at one point and I ordered carrot fritters from this great café which had an amazing view of the ocean.

The menu said that they were gluten free and whilst I am not gluten intolerant, I like the idea of starting my day with fruits and veggies and as little bread as possible. I also like most people get a little paranoid when going on holidays about over indulging and then having to return to work with a tighter fitting pair of pants. So carrot fritters seemed both a healthy option and one I was curious about.

I was definitely not disappointed when our meals came out and I compared all 3 meals that we had ordered. My fritters looked great, had a poached egg on the side (could have been 2 actually as I remember thinking, wow that is a lot of eggs as I knew there would have had to be egg in the recipe to bind the mixture together).

They tasted great and I felt good after eating the meal. Not too full, not bloated, just ‘good’ and satisfied, that I had chosen well and I was happy to start my day that way.

Anyway since that meal, after returning home, they played on my mind. I knew I had to have them again but I didn’t have a recipe. In the end, that didn’t bother me so much and I started to think about what would have been in them. Obviously the carrot, maybe some flour to help make the batter thick and then an egg. I experimented a few times in making them to get the combination to a point where I was super happy with it and so here it is, my carrot fritters recipe, enjoy!


Photo 1: Making the mixture


2 large carrots
1 x large free range egg
1 x red onion (I insist, white onions are overrated!)
Sprinkle of cumin
Sprinkle of salt
Sprinkle of chilli flakes
Sprinkle of cracked pepper
Pesto or greek yoghurt, or sweet chilli sauce


Photo 2: Yum, breakfast is ready!

Sometimes I will cook bacon and serve that with this recipe. but sometimes I like to have a vegetarian start to the day even on the weekends. I didn’t have the time this morning to do that but I was pretty happy with the spinach and egg, didn’t need anything else!


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11 Responses to Carrot fritters

  1. Alexandra says:

    Ooo these look yummy! I love make fritters, my favourites are grated courgette with spring onion to keep it crispy! Happy cooking!

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    • Jamchop says:

      Thanks Alexandra! Yes, I tried the courgette ones at some point as well, delicious aren’t they and yes, crispy is better than too soggy. Cheers, you too 🙂


  2. I like it whenever people get together and share opinions.

    Great blog, continue the good work!


  3. Adrianne ( says:

    Carrot fritter recipe – breakfast foods


  4. says:

    Carrot fritter recipe – brunch foods


  5. says:

    Carrot fritters – 🙂


  6. Adrianne says:

    Carrot fritters recipe


  7. Carrot fritters recipe – one more time!!


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