Jalapeno Poppers

By Adrianne Jamieson

My local fruit and veg store always sells fresh jalapeno’s and I love buying them!

I don’t find them as spicy as you would think, I enjoy them as a little heat but nothing I can’t handle.

I got into the habit of starting to think about how I could eat more veggies and what type of snack or tapas meal I could do with these.

I spent a while on Pinterest looking at people’s ideas and I think the 1st time I made them I did them with ricotta and bacon. But then when I thought about the flavour combination I knew that I could take it up a few notches.

So, here are my Jalapeno poppers recipe – you have to try them yourself (and you could do them easily on the BBQ too, they are super quick to prepare as well).



Image one: All the ingredients you will need (plus some toothpicks)


  • Good amount of fresh jalapeno chillies (depending on how many guests you are serving)
  • 1 x packet of hot sopressa salami (could use mild sopressa or bacon for milder flavour)
  • 1 x block of gorgonzola cheese (I use blue sometimes for this recipe too however, this week at the shops I saw the gorgonzola (love saying that word) and thought, what the heck, I will try that this time. It is a slightly milder cheese than blue, so it complemented the hot sopressa very well.


Cut open the jalapeno’s and deseeded them (don’t be too neat though, I like to have space in them but still have a few seeds in there.

Put a cube of gorgonzola into each ½ of the jalapeno

Wrap thinly slices length of sopressa around the jalapeno and use a toothpick to secure if it won’t fold together naturally.

Cook in the oven at 180 degree for about 20 mins. You will know that the poppers are ready from the amazing smell coming from the oven but also if you look at the sopressa you will see that it has gone nice and crispy.


Image two: All the ingredients you will need (plus some toothpicks)

I find it best to leave them in the oven (turned off) for about 5 minutes and even wait another 5 when you have taken them out of the oven as they taste better when they have had a minute to rest before being eaten.

You could serve them cold if you wanted to but I would recommend medium to hot in temperature and then the delicious melted cheese liquefies in your mouth.


Image three: Ready to serve!

Enjoy xxx

About Adrianne - Sweet Caramel Sunday

I love spending time in my kitchen, being creative and making great food! Website: https://sweetcaramelsunday.com Instagram: sweetcaramelsunday
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