Milk Bath – Love Thyself


I know that we live such a fast paced hectic life these days that it is very hard to find downtime where you can fully relax and chill out.

I had a weekend recently where I didn’t feel like being super social but I really wanted to engage myself in something outside of work so that I could recharge my batteries and get the energy I needed to feel happy within myself.

I believe the best person to get the love from when you are feeling like you need it the most is not your partner or family and friends. But to get it from yourself. It is hard, I admit to be gentle with yourself and not be constantly try to better yourself or keep up with other people.

I am not a super self indulgent person but the preparation and experience of having this milk bath was one of the best things that I could do for myself.

I encourage anyone especially the women out there, to try this, it doesn’t cost a lot of money, it doesn’t take up ‘too much’ time and what you get back from it is amazing.

Recipe for milk bath
1 x jug of milk (I used soy)
1 x bunch of flowers (I used ones that were massively reduced at the shops as they were on there way out)
1 x blood orange
1 x bunch of mint
Some other flowers from your garden or some I picked on my way home as they were a different colour from the bunch I had (purple is my favourite colour)
1 x bubble bath mixture

For my bath, I prepared all of these ingredients and then put the plug in, lit the candles (shut the door to the bathroom as I didn’t want my cat to catch on fire, as he always comes in when I am in the bath!), then waited for the bath to fill, poured the milk in, scattered the ingredients and sunk into it. I felt like a million dollars when I was sitting in there! It was amazing. It felt like I was taking the time to do something for myself in a loving and creative way to give myself a little time out.

As much as you would think the clean-up afterwards is going to take a long time and be frustrating or the downside of the experience, it wasn’t even that bad! I had a bowl to gather all of the big items, then I put a sink strainer into the bath, so when I pulled out the plug, all of the smaller bits and pieces gathered on top of the strainer and it was a simple matter of emptying that and throwing away the leftovers in the bowl.

So anytime you are feeling a bit like some time out, I would highly recommend this as a solution! It will make you feel amazing.

The wish I have I did it again is that I had some frangipani flowers to put in it. Not the white and yellow ones, but the really pretty white, yellow and pink ones, they have such a beautiful aroma and are so nice to look at. If I can wish a dream for my future it would be that I had one of those trees in my garden and I could pick them and smell them and put them in my baths.


Love yourself – it is more important that you can do this than to be able to receive love from others.



About Adrianne - Sweet Caramel Sunday

I love spending time in my kitchen, being creative and making great food! Website: Instagram: sweetcaramelsunday
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