Seafood Paella

La, la, la! I don’t know whether I am more excited about my seafood paella or about the fact that as January has come to an end and February has started, I have officially been blogging for a month and I now have 2 months of posts in my archives, whoop!! I feel a sense of achievement in that.

This year I decided to cut down my tv watching at night after work (I wasn’t that addicted but there was still time there I could use) and whilst I have yoga some nights, I still found there are a few nights that I get just a little bit of time that I would prefer to use writing like this than watching something which deactivates my brain as opposed to activating it.

So, this weekend’s cooking. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do and I referred to a few recipe books as well as going on pinterest and I concluded that I had to do something with seafood. It is hot in Brisvegas and I didn’t want the oven on all weekend, so a gas stove top cooked paella seemed like the way to go. Not to mention, I knew that I could probably get some more mussels from the shop I got my ones from last weekend and I saw some big arse prawns that I just had to do something with, hence, I thought a paella it is. It would also give me an opportunity to play around with saffron which I haven’t done a lot before. I bought both the imitation and the strands as I hadn’t decided yet which was best so I thought ‘get both and decide through experimentation which I like best’.

So whilst, I don’t have a paella pan, like my mum does, (we used it at Christmas as it was quite handy), I do have an excellent sized frypan I use regularly so I decided that would have to do.

Here is the recipe for my Seafood Paella, I insist on the addition of the white wine to the recipe as it helps the flavours integrate and it’s the weekend, so a few drinks here and there help the world go round I say. Again, I went with Jamieson’s white that I had last weekend as it was nice, cold and a good match for the seafood.

This is a relatively easy dish to make. Be cautious to not overcook the seafood and you are away. I feel like the only things I need now are some sangria and a show where those women in the clappy shoes are dancing and the atmosphere is all rowdy and alive.

Fiesta Paella, delicious, if I do say so myself. My paella is also a no eat and drive one in the sense that I kept adding more and more white wine to ensure the rice was fully cooked as I had already added all the stock I had, the flavor it brought was delicious!

Paella ingredients

Olive oil
1 x large red onion diced (I never cook with white onions, I think red has a much better flavor)
Fresh chopped garlic
2 cups vegetable stock
1 cup arborio rice
1 x chorizo sausage finely chopped
10 mussels
6 whopping great big prawns
White wine (amount depends on the night of the week!)
Pinch of paprika

Paella method

  1. Put a splash of oil in the frypan and add the garlic, chorizo, paprika and red onion, fry off for a couple of minutes
  2. Add the stock and saffron threads.
  3. Add the rice
  4. Cook the rice in tasting as you go until it is still a tiny bit crunchy
  5. Add the white wine (I like a sav blanc when cooking)
  6. Add the mussels and cook for approximately 3 minutes with the lid on
  7. Add the prawns, by simply placing on top of the rice mixture.
  8. Put the lid back on and watch for the prawns to cook, as soon as they are fully orange in colour, turn the gas off and remove the lid.
  9. The final few minutes of the seafood cooking, will also allow the rice to finish cooking. Continue to add wine and taste.
  10. Use sliced lemon wedges to serve.

Enjoy xx

About Adrianne - Sweet Caramel Sunday

I love spending time in my kitchen, being creative and making great food! Website: Instagram: sweetcaramelsunday
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