Pork Crackle

For Christmas last year, my sister made an amazing Pork Crackle. It took ages to cook so we sat at the table after the main meal chowing down on a bowl of it, it sounded like, ‘crunch’, ‘crunch’, crunch, so good!’. This weekend, I was going to give myself a break from cooking and the blog to do some other things, but then I did my fruit and veg shopping, wandered into the butcher next door and somehow came home with Pork Mince and Pork rind. I thought to myself, I would freeze it until next weekend, however, at some point in the afternoon, I began thinking it wouldn’t take too long to pop down the street for the lettuce to make the San Choy Bow and one thing lead to another and all of a sudden I had committed to making both dishes. It was well worth the effort as the combination of the crunch, crunch of the crackle and the deep flavour of the sauce for the San Choy was delicious. Serving the mince mixture in the lettuce cups is always something I enjoy as it is so different from your average ‘meat and 3 veg’ meal.

This morning on Instagram, I saw a post about your ‘homey’ name. To figure yours out, you had to put ‘Lil’ in front of the last thing you ate. So mine is ‘Lil Pork Crackle’, although it should technically be ‘Lil Sparkling Shiraz Pork Crackle’.

Pork Crackle Ingredients

1 portion pork rind
Olive oil
Himalayan pink rock salt

Pork rind 1Pork rind 2Pork rind 3Pork rind oven


Pork Crackle Method

  1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees
  2. Take the pork rind out of the fridge and lay on a sheet of baking paper on a baking tray
  3. If the butcher hasn’t scored the surface, do this with a sharp knife
  4. Using a salt grinder, cover the rind with freshly cracked salt
  5. Transfer the baking tray into oven, top or 2nd rack
  6. Cook for 60 minutes
  7. You will see the skin go bubbly and turn light golden brown
  8. Turn oven off and leave in there for 5 minutes
  9. Take baking tray out of the oven and leave on the bench to cool for another 5-10 minutes
  10. Turn the crackle over to start cutting it with a sharp knife or kitchen scissors
  11. It can be tricky to get ‘perfect’ or ‘normal’ chip like bits of the crackle, so cut it whichever way you can and transfer to serving bowl


Pork Crackle done



Little bits of the crackle may fly off in different directions when you are cutting it, be careful to not get it in your eyes!

Enjoy!! xx


About Adrianne - Sweet Caramel Sunday

I love spending time in my kitchen, being creative and making great food! Website: https://sweetcaramelsunday.com Instagram: sweetcaramelsunday
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2 Responses to Pork Crackle

  1. chefkreso says:

    It looks so crispy and delicious! Nice one! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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