Rocket Pesto

This rocket pesto is to die for! I love making homemade pizzas and after earlier this year trying Kale Pesto for the 1st time, I realised I wanted to try the same with rocket. I have made Basil Pesto a number of times however, it is nice to make something new and different and this hits the nail on the head. The best thing is that you can use it for a base for homemade pizza instead of barbecue or tomato sauce, both of which have a lot of sugar. Another good thing about making pesto, is that it is super easy to divide up into small sandwich bags, label and freeze so mid week when you want the depth of flavour but you don’t have time for it, you can take it out and either defrost it during the day or nuke it in the microwave so that you can get use it for your meal without the prep time and clean up time needed to prepare and make it.

I have never eaten rocket pesto when out and about, am open to it, but have not yet ordered anything that it has been served with. I think it has many uses – on breakfast plates, for pasta, for a topping on eggs, for a bit of a dip and many more ideas.

This recipe is simple and straightforward. You need a good food processor and away you go. I have tried many different store bought pesto’s over my time and even though there is one at Aldi which I think beats all other store bought ones, I always prefer to make my own as I often find the store ones to be too salty.

I have never been an awesome grower of fruits and veggies, albeit I have tried, but a lot of the ones I have tried to grow have died.  Either they were too hot or too well watered or something, I never knew quite what I did to kill them. However, rocket is a vegetable that has so many versatile uses that with some of that and some baby spinach leaves in your garden, I think you are home and hosed. If you are buying it, I recommend the separate bags of rocket leaves as opposed to the combined ones. In my experience the rocket leaves tend to go wet and withered much faster than the spinach leaves to the point that you have to throw away a lot of good spinach due to aged rocket. If you buy them separately and keep them in your fridge in separate containers you will have your green smoothies as well as dinner greens sorted.

Prep and cook time: 15 minutes

Rocket Pesto Ingredients

120g rocket
5 large garlic bulbs, peeled
1/3 cup parmesan cheese, grated
1/3 cup pine nuts
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon lemon juice
salt, to season
pepper, to season

Rocket Pesto Method

  1. Fill processor with fresh rocket
  2. Peel and cut ends of garlic bulbs and add to processor
  3. Add cheese and pine nuts, turn on to a low speed
  4. Pour the olive oil in through the top opening of the blender
  5. Take off the lid, scrap down the sides with a spatula and then pour in lemon juice, stir further till all combined.
  6. Taste and add a little more lemon juice if needed

Enjoy!! xx






About Adrianne - Sweet Caramel Sunday

I love spending time in my kitchen, being creative and making great food! Website: Instagram: sweetcaramelsunday
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2 Responses to Rocket Pesto

  1. chefkreso says:

    Again, very yummy!

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  2. Jamchop says:

    Cheers Kreso!


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