Brisbane’s Inala

I haven’t been able to blog as much as I would like recently as I have had some work events on to attend on my weekends and also some family gatherings that have been keeping me super busy. For reasons I won’t bore anyone with, I didn’t have the greatest night of my life last night and after waking up and thinking, I will just pop out and get a chai and some cup noodles and then come home and get in my pj’s again and chill, I got to texting one of my friends who helped me get my groove on again (thank-you Olivia).

So, I headed out, went to buy my sister’s birthday present so I could mail that in time for her to get it for her actual birthday and then satisfied my craving by going to Inala for lunch. I have to say, I think I would eat there every day if I could, I love the taste and freshness of the food there so much and there are so many options.

With work colleagues as our base is close, we started going there a few years ago (I am been forever grateful for that introduction to the wonders of the food there, Jeremy and Gerard 🙂 ) and today I ate at one of the places we had been to on a particularly hot day in the past as the place is air-conditioned unlike some of the other places I have been to many a time.

I chose Trah Vinh today as I knew one of my other favourite places would be busy and I would likely have to share a table, but I had popped to the library nearby to get some reading material and wanted to spread out with my magazines. Plus one of my colleagues and I had got take away for lunch from there about a week ago and I knew that the particular meal I had in mind would hit the spot.

I am blown away by how good the food is there. I am not sure if it is because I didn’t grow up eating it or the freshness or what, but I am very rarely unsatisfied by a meal from the many options there.

My experience today was good for a number of reasons, another being I got caught up in an article about 3 yoga teachers who had unfortunately been involved in tragic accidents at some point in their lives and the stories went on to explain how each person coped with their own personal situation. I got over my funk pretty quickly as I realised that my problems and frustration of the weekend thus far was minimal compared to other peoples and I am very happy that my awareness of gratitude came back to me in the way that it did.

One of my friends is coming over shortly so we can head to an Ashtanga workshop this afternoon followed by some drinks, more delicious food and a lengthy girl to girl catch up which I am looking forward to. But, as loathe as I am normally to take photos of food that other people cook for me as I always thought this as rather lazy way to engage with my passion for food and cooking, I simply had to put into words that I encourage anyone in the Brisvegas area to get a meal at Inala even just the once to experience how lucky we are to live with the cultural diversity we do in Australia. Inala gets a bad rap, I think it always has. I understand that the crime rate might be higher and the socioeconomic rate lower, but gee whizz the locals there can cook! This meal hit the nail on the head for me and I had to think twice about putting my chopsticks down and picking up the bowl, putting it to my lips and slurping down the remaining few noodles (I didn’t).

Mine was number 32 if I recall correctly, spring rolls with pork and a noodle salad – yum, thank-you to my lunch time chef and without a doubt you will see me there again.

Cheers – have a great weekend everyone and I hope that if you find yourself in a funk ever, the right combination of things will occur to bring you right back out of it.





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  1. chefkreso says:

    Looks fresh and tasty 😀 Have a great weekend!

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