Yum Cha Cuisine

We started our day at the crack of dawn today! Literally a 5.45am start in the freezing cold to Volunteer at the Springfield Duathlon. Whilst it was a touch painful to have to skip the Sunday morning sleep in that I only fully indulge in during the cooler months, it was a fantastic day! The vibe and atmosphere at the Event was amazing and the mood of all of the competitors bright and cheery.  One poor guy came back after the bike leg only to find that his running shoes had gone walkabout and not being able to run in his bike shoes lamented whilst searching painstakingly in the rows to try and located them. His shoes were never found but another charitable competitor helped him out by donating his so that he could finish the run part of the race – what a champ that guy was, literally giving him the shoes off his own feet.

After we finished up we went across to the shops and whilst we had a brief interlude into the new sushi restaurant we settled on yum cha as our feast for the day.  Ironically we have talked about going to this place for ages now – possibly a year, or however long it has been since we 1st saw the sign for it before the restaurant was all kitted out and I am SO glad we finally made it there today. There are a variety of seating areas – including big round tables that seat at least 6 people and cosy 2 seater tables in the people watching zone where we chose to take up lodging for our meal.

I am clearly a little bit uneducated in the ‘yum cha’ fashion scene for when the waiter 1st came around with the tray of steamed baskets and showed us the dim sims, I responded with ‘we didn’t order that’ (nicely, not in a you’re an idiot kindof way), but lucky my friend kindly explained to me the ins and outs of the place and that was the nature of the game (thank-you Kayla for setting me straight! I feel less ignorant now for sure!).

So we settled on a few dishes which were delightful and very filling and despite walking in there and thinking I would order about 10 plates as we were famished, we still stuck within a fairly conservative lunch portion for our selections.

I was impressed about the quality of the food and how quickly it came out to the table. The pork buns were delish and I think have a greater quantity of filling to my normal go to ones from the street square in Inala. They were hot and the serving of 3 for the plate was enough to make you feel like you had satisfied that particular craving. My friend then ordered the fried bean curd, which could have used a bit more salt, but was nice especially when paired with the dipping sauces which did not accompany the dish but were provided when requested. Next up was Kayla’s rice paper rolls, a great size plate which was fantastic value for money, the food looked fresh and tasty. I was then torn between the ‘gyoza’ which were actually the Chinese pan fried dumpling variety and a plate of noodles and I was not disappointed to order the dumplings as they were lovely and after that I knew there was no more physical room even though on a metaphorical level I could have sat for hours. The tea we shared was nice too, such a good partnership for our meals. Served in a beautiful tea pot with quaint little cups, felt like we had gone to china town for a meal.

I thought the prices for the meals were good, the cost was around $30 for the 2 of us. If it was a dinner time meal, I think we both might have eaten a bit more, however, there is always 3 meals in a day and its never necessary to eat so much in one sitting that you are so full you miss out on the next one (plus got to save some room for beers of course 😉

If Inala was closer to where we were at the time, we most likely would have gone there in the sense that we both really appreciate good Vietnamese or other Asian foods, but I think today’s choice ticked a lot of boxes for both of us.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this place to anyone in the area, it is a great local option for this type of cuisine and I am already thinking about what I will have the next time we go there! Cheers everyone and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!! Weekend still in sight for the next little while 🙂



Where you will find it:

Name: Yum Cha Cusine
Located in: Orion Springfield Central (outside Coles and the new Butcher, near Robins kitchen, at the Schnitzel End).
Address: 1 Main St, Springfield Central QLD 4300



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I love spending time in my kitchen, being creative and making great food! Website: https://sweetcaramelsunday.com Instagram: sweetcaramelsunday
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  1. chefkreso says:

    Everything looks so delicious, thanks for sharing the experience 🙂


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